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 Jewelry, like many other domains, is an art form that offers to many the possibility of self-expression and the freedom to create your own vision and bring it to reality. Designers all around the world create magnificent pieces that can show their thoughts and views. Jewelry is one accessory type that most of the people own and use to create the desired look of their appearance.  By exploring and checking different designers, we can see variety of different styles, colors and materials. Through different designers you can bring a unique charm and diversity to your collection. 5 top jewelry designers with charming works that you should check out are:

  1. Faris Du Graf (@farisjewelry)

A unique and fresh feel is what Faris’s collection can show you. She creates interesting and yet simple pieces, being from a family that has experience in this domain, both of her parents have worked for Knoll. This simple yet eye catching jewelry is made in her home town in Seattle. She shows her collection of beautifully crafted jewelry through her Instagram page, and sells the pieces on her online jewelry shop (https://www.farisfaris.com/).

  1. Margery Hirschey (@margeryhirschey

Another designer that bases her work on simplicity with a unique look at the same time. Margery is a jewelry designer that works with materials like recycled gold, sterling silver and hand-cut stones to create beautiful and original pieces. She creates each piece with a modern but also antique feel. You can by her jewelry on her website (https://www.margeryhirschey.com/).

  1. Ania Haie (@aniahaie)

Ania is a London based jewelry designer that launched her work in 2018. With affordable prices, she creates trendy pieces that offers a delicate and fashionable touch to any look. Her jewelry is mainly focused on gold pleated and rose gold plated sterling silver. She sells her jewelry exclusively on her website(https://aniahaie.com/)


  1. Brentneale (@brentnealejewelry)

This jewelry designer creates gorgeous pieces with a whimsical feel to them. If you are looking for a fairy tale like accessories so you can feel like a princess or a fairy, through these jewelry pieces you can create your vision. You can find fascinating colors and designs that would certainly make your look pop. She sells her pieces on her website (https://brentneale.com/collections/after-the-rain)

  1. Jessica Biales (@jessicabiales)

Through this designer’s work you can find the modern way of representing classic jewelry. She creates interesting and intriguing design that would make you not wanting to stop looking at them. These pieces capture perfectly the imagination and creativity of the designer. You can buy and find them on her website (https://www.jessicabiales.com/)

These are just a small part of the beautiful world of jewelry. These charming types jewelry maker is constantly showing us new and interesting version of the fascinating universe of design and accessories. Design is the word that in every generation, time and culture means creation, and in every aspect of our world we revolve everything around creating and imagination. Jewelry is just one small element of an even bigger bubble named art. We use, look, and appreciate art through daily things. These designers are the way of continuing the evolution and developing our reality through jewelry and accessory.

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