5 weird trends that people from the past did and now would be weird or unacceptable

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Through the decades of our history, a lot of elements have changed, improved or disappeared completely from the common practice, according to the evolution of society and mentality. Fashion and accessorizing were aspects that have changed a lot from era to era, and nowadays, a lot of past trends would be considered unacceptable or just weird.

The era in which accessorizing would have a more creepy or weird impression on our present thinking would be the Victorian era. This period is known to be completely different from what we know today, and when we hear the word Victorian, we immediately think of big and fluffy dresses, corsets, a lot of frills, and a romantic feel. In this iconic image of a beautiful artistic and interesting era is not really known the weirdness and somehow creepy aspects that some trends hold. 5 of these Victorian accessories are:

  1. Hair jewelry

This period was a sensitive era to various diseases, and death was a pretty common thing in those days, a lot of people would die young and ages like 40's was already considered old. This element was a generation of interesting jewelry creation, which is hair jewelry. At this time was considered normal to wear a bracelet made of your loved one’s hair. This could appear ether as intricate designs and beautifully crafted with hair as the main material, or just a piece of hair encapsulated in an already made necklace. Most of the time this jewelry pieces were considered a mourning practice, although not all the time.


  1. Insect embellishment

Glitter, diamonds, or beads are some of the small and widely used materials beautiful designs on clothing or just any material. However, we would never think that for the same effect insects could be used and was a popular trend in the Victorian era. Although, the word insect does not give a very graceful or elegant impression, this specific practice resulted in gorgeous and carefully made designs. Still, because of the cultural changes the idea would likely not be considered today as a possible one.

  1. Wearing birds as accessories

Nowadays, the well being of animals is highly considered, and the use of animal products in fashion, like leather or fur, is slowly decreasing in demand. The Victorian time was a lot different from this aspect. The idea of killing animals and using them as fashion statements was very common. Because of this the animal diversity had a lot to suffer at that time. One example would be the use of birds as embellishment for their hats. In 19th century big and extravagant hats was a very fashionable accessory, they used things like feathers and even birds to decorate their hats.


  1. Chopines

Hills is an iconic fashion element that is highly appreciated in the present. An interesting version of hills was chopines, a shoe attachment that was originally invented so that women could walk through muddy streets. However, later it became a popular fashion trend, making the idea to be tall as a symbol of importance or wealth.

  1. Eye miniature

As the name could suggest, eye miniature was a small portrait of an eye. This interesting idea was a popular trend between the rich people in Europe, during late 1700 and early 1800. This was a romanticized art piece, that was often worn as jewelry. It was popularized by King George lV of England, that used this piece to show a symbol of love between him and a commoner, their relationship being disapproved by the royal court.

These are just 5 weird jewelry facts from many others, that described the evolution and history of our way of expression. Even if today, most of these practices could be considered weird or some unacceptable, we cannot deny that the perception of beauty was something that generated most of them. New trends and new types of jewelry and accessories will continue to be created, through them we will show how the current society is viewed and how it will change from now on.


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