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The physical aspect is always highly valued in every culture, time or country. Various elements create the desired appearance according to different visions when it comes to the perception of true beauty, like clothing, hair, skin, jewelry, accessories, shoes and many more. Accessories are the key element that can change a casual outfit to a dressier and more elegant one. But to correctly embellish and decorate your look in order to bring it to another level is not always easy to do, and sometimes is even harder to not exaggerate and accessorize too much making the outfit too busy and crowded.

3 important tips in order to harmonize each accessory with clothes to create a look of your liking, can help you bring freshness and easily improve your outfit:

Color scheme

We all know that when it comes to the visual aspect, color is an important part of it. If you coordinate carefully the color details to your outfit, you can emphasize the things that you want to show through your look. It can sometimes be tricky for some people, color matching being sometimes a way to a fashion disaster. Because of this it is always better to pick the smallest color details and try to match with that. For example, if you have a white dress with a small black embroidery you can choose a black necklace or bracelet to match it. Another way is to choose a color that does not have anything to do with the outfit, but still suits the theme of it. For example, if you wear a black dress, you can pair it with a red bracelet or red brooch.

 Start with basic and essential jewelry

Although crazy colors and shapes are fun and interesting to choose when creating your look. It is important to always keep in mind that the basics are essentials. When we think of a closet full of clothes, we know that it is important to have the classic black jeans or white tee-shirt, the same thing can be said about jewelry and accessories. When we start a collection, muted colors and simple shapes are very important. To make your outfit pop is not always necessary to add crazy jewelry, you can simply wear a silver necklace and make a casual dress into a restaurant worthy outfit. Also, when you have crazy patterns in your clothes, simple jewelry can look the best, this way you don’t overdo and make a balanced look.

Compliment your skin complexion

Jewelry should not just match and complement only your clothes. The skin tone can also add that specific something to your look if you coordinate your accessory to it. You can take in mind if your skin has a cooler or warmer tone and with the color of your jewelry embellish it in the best way. For example, the cooler tone can pair very well with white, gold, purple or blue. And the warmer tone can match well with yellow, orange or green.

There are many more things that can help you accessorize with jewelry and create the outfit you desire; these are the 3 important ones that easily can bring harmony and balance to your look in the best way. How either you want to accessories and create your outfit, it will always depend on your preferences, and your opinion is the most important, so don’t be afraid to experiment and bring creativity to it.


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