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In this day and age, we can witness all sorts of styles, trends, clothes, jewelries and accessories. As artists and creative people, many put their expression and views into one single piece, to show meaning, soul and heart. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches are just some examples of these pieces.

Through accessorizing we can wear multiple pieces of art, as well as a piece of the mind of its designer. Brooches and pins can be one of the most artistic piece form of jewelry. It can be seen as a versatile mini piece of art that can bring one simple and boring outfit, to a sophisticated, elegant or fun one, depending on the style and design. In contrast to the other jewelry types, a brooch can be worn in multiple places on the body, since it has a pin on the back, it can be fixated anywhere the person wants. On the runways, you can see brooches pined on the neckline, on the waist, or even worn in the hair.

This beautiful jewelry pins, like most types of jewelry, has a rich culture and history. But surprisingly, brooches did not start as a decorative jewelry piece, but rather as functional and practical one, meant to fixate and secure different pieces of clothing. They began to be worn in a more decorative aspect in the byzantine period, however it was still mostly worn for their practical use. With time and evolution, more and more complex designs continued to appear, bringing more symbolism and creating different styles. Some of these variations of brooch jewelry are:

  1. Celtic brooches

This type of brooches were worn in the Early Medieval period in Ireland and Britain. Visually could be described as a long pin attached to a ring, its purpose was to secure and was mostly worn by Vikings.

  1. Mourning Brooches

Like mourning accessories, the design of a mourning brooch was mean to commemorate the life of a loved one. It took many different design, and most of the time it was inscribed the name of the person that passed away, and sometimes it had a compartment to store a piece of hair.

  1. Aigrette brooches

These brooches imitated the shape of a feather, through materials like diamonds or flat cut garnets. It was a strictly fashion piece, that gained a lot of popularity first between the 17th and 18th centuries, and again in between 19th and 20th centuries.

  1. Cameo brooches

This is a styles that dates from the ancient times, and portraits a very vintage and beautiful design. Many associate this piece with Queen Victoria, because of the particular elegant and sophisticated look it has.

These are only 3 brooch styles from even longer list.

This piece of jewelry always shows complexity, and infinite design possibility. It can ad a vintage feel to any outfit, but also elevate it to a expensive and elegant looking one. We use jewelry to make ourselves look as unique as possible, and depending on the event, colors, and style you want to reflect, one brooch can make your desired look possible.


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