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 Crafting projects are a great way to teach children the power of art and creating. Childhood being the first stage in which the artistic mind is starting to develop, and the imagination is at its peak. Because of this, kids can learn various things and sharpen their mind if this stage is handled with care.

DIY and crafting projects are one way, in which this early imagination of kids can be manifested and evolved. Also, through these projects, parents can spend a lot of precious time with their children and create even stronger bond than before. There are an uncountable number of ideas and options for these projects, from which parents can choose, depending on the interest of their child. Some of these easy craft ideas for kids are:

  1. Collages

Collages are always a good way to let the imagination of the toddler free. With just colorful paper, scissors and glue, he can manipulate and combine colors and shapes in a creative image.

  1. Play-do

Play-do is a great way to introduce the child to the world of figures and sculptures. He can create his own little sculpture and give him the possibility to see his idea taking form in a 3D figure.

  1. Origami or paper

Origami and paper in general, can be manipulated in many ways, so the child can create infinite figures. He can use additional things like glue and scissors, or just colorful paper to create and have fun with all the possibilities.

  1. Recycled objects

Paper is not the only thing that the kid can use in creating figures, it can also be used things lake plastic bottles, bottle caps or wood. With the magic of the glue, anything can be combined into an object of the kid’s fantasy.

  1. Tie-dye

Clothing can seem a fascinating thing for a child, especially if is as colorful as possible. Thus, by involving him into creating a fun piece of clothing, can be a very exciting experience for him. Tie-dye is just one example.

  1. Water color

Painting is always fun, especially for children. Water color offers to the child the possibility to be abstract and creative by combining any colors they would like.

  1. Scratch art

Like drawing, scratch art allows the child to draw anything on a flat surface. This method involves a surface covered in black, and once scratched it shows colored lines.

  1. Painting objects

As previously said painting can be a lot of fun, especially when painting is a way to design on any random objects. These can be things like cups, plates, bowls rocks, and many others.

Kids can always surprise you how creative they can be, so by manifesting this creativity through various art activities for kids, this characteristic can evolve and be preserved into adulthood as well. These craft projects not only are fun to do for kids and parents, but also helps the children to gain skills and sharpen their mind. In conclusion, crafting can be always fun, but also useful, for kids, parents or any adults that desire to experience the artistic process.


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