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Gifts for friends (tips)

We all know how hard it can be to pick the right gift sometimes. Most of my friends are females, so when one of us has a birthday, the rest go shopping. There is one thing to mention. I hate shopping.

So here we go, stuffed in winter coats and coats, sweating, trying to avoid rushing people, from alley to alley, from rack to rack. It takes a long time until we finally agree on a suitable gift. I find it a big struggle, since when I suggest something, my friends disagree and vice versa. Sometimes I thank God, birthday is only once a year!

shopping in Dubai

During all those shopping sessions, I have learned one thing. In order to choose the right gift, you really need to know that person - what they like, what is their hobby, what do they want/need, what do they miss in their kitchen/living room/bathroom/basement, etc..

Then, when you finally choose the right gift, there is another factor - is it too cheap? Is it cheesy? So if the answer is yes, the never-ending struggle continues and we need to add something else to it, since one thing - even if it's the most adorable gift in the world - is not enough when it's cheap.

You can not be surprised when I say, I feel really relived when we are leaving shopping mall dragging plastic bag with that birthday gift(s) in it.

If you got at this point, you might wonder why am I talking about all this. Well, when I was showering, I had this idea that maybe more people find buying gifts little annoying matter (but then we are happy that someone got us a gift :D). So I decided to sum up the gifts we were buying for my friends, so I make some use of all those shopping session (other than pleasing my friends, since that is the purpose, right..) 

As I mentioned before, my friends are mostly females. So we usually get perfumes, candles, blankets, jewelry, lingerie, tea or make-up. We never miss a CAKE (usually homemade).

Once, we bought a fabric laundry basket, this one was a good one, I think.

To conclude, gifts are only one way of many how to show your loved ones that you care about them. In my opinion, the most important is to be a good company on a day of their birthday! That's what matters the most!


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