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Handmade gifts

The gift world holds a very known meaning, and an idea that since the old times until today we treasured. The meaning can be defined as a gesture of giving to one or multiple people an item or object, being physical or even non-material, without expecting anything in return. Usually this practice is used in order to express gratitude, forgiveness, happiness or to honor something, with positive and heartwarming feelings in mind. 

Each country has its own ways and traditions when referring to gifts, however the thought of the gift is most of the time intended to be given with sincerity.

Handmade is a way of expressing individuality and hard work. And it is considerate as a method that molds sincerity, thought and affection of the person that creates. Thus, a handmade gift can be seen as a very special way of sending and expressing honest feelings towards the person that would receive it.

Making a gift by hand was always an option for different occasions. Starting from birthday, through friendship anniversary, relationship anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, as a souvenir, as gratitude, as congratulations, Housewarming party or even weddings.

Even though the handmade items are usually slightly more expensive then products from retails stores, these items show uniqueness and individuality and most importantly, the time that the person dedicated in order to find the perfect fit. This means that a handmade gift would be the perfect way to create something that the other person would enjoy and appreciate.


To list some of the options when choosing the method of how to make a handmade gift, we should start with cooking, this would be the easiest one to choose, since food can be enjoyed by most people and if knowing the taste of the person, cakes or cookies can be what you can show your affection with.  Not being expensive and easy to put in practice, cooking something special for someone would certainly bring happiness and appreciation.

Another idea would be creating something that the other person can use in their daily life. With materials like wood, fabric, polymer clay, thread, wax, mason jars, or mags, you can personalize something that the receiver would find helpful and useful. Some examples can be, a scented candle, personalized mug, coaster, and even jewelry or scarfs.

A third option would be to create a decorative object. This kind of gift was often chosen for all sorts of occasion. The most important aspect of the decorative gift is an aesthetic purpose and the pleasure of looking at it, most of the time is gifted with the intention of being reminded of the person that created the art piece. Materials like ceramic, polymer clay, thread, paper, embroidery and many more can be used in the creation process.

The idea of the handmade gift is to create something unique, original, but also enjoyable and completely dedicated to the person that would receive it.


In conclusion, buying expensive and luxurious things as gifts, would certainly be a way to make the other person happy. However, the charm of a handmade one is also very powerful, and we should always keep in mind that option, because depending of the situation, happiness is, most of the time, simple, and doesn’t cost us much.

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