How to choose the right jewelry?

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Many of your might be asking this question. How do I choose the right jewelry to complete my outfit?

Start with a color.

Ask yourself what color are you in mood for today? Is it discreet black? Or is it some pastel color to go with very motley autumn? Remember, you can always reflect how you feel on your current outfit. The best colors to go with your handmade jewelry are black or white, since you can combine these two with any colors and it will still look great! You will never be off the mark with black and white.

What style?

Are you more that "shirt girl" with casual look or wearing more cozy vintage clothes? Do you wear usual clothes or you stand out and don't really care about the trends? Think of, what type of clothes you prefer and match your jewelry accordingly. For example, any jewelry can go with white or black T-shirt. On the other hand it's great when you're wearing one color T-shirt to wear one-color earrings with it as well. If you prefer vintage style of clothes - try to bring some metals with your accessories. Try to look at this collection for inspiration.


If you already checked previous two points, let's take a look at the occasion. Where are you going? Party? Family celebration? Prom? Or a wedding? A date? Going to party gives you broad specter of which jewelry to choose from. You don't have to be afraid to express yourself. Those earrings could be great for a party and they would be definitely a good reason for a man to start conversation with you! Prom or a wedding are more serious events which also usually brings hesitation into our deciding. These occasion are made for decent jewelry, so choose carefully. A date is perfect for choosing some very cute pieces of earrings or necklace, since it will give your look very personalized perspective! Check this handmade custom necklace for more inspiration!

Be yourself with any jewelry!

Any jewelry you choose is a good choice if you feel comfortable and confident with it. Don't forget to wear what you like! That's the most important!

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