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TOP 3 useful tools which you can use during modeling

I decided to write this article to enlighten you to my modest world of polymer clay. Which tools did I use before I bought actual ones? Let's see!

n.1 - knife

When I started to (literally) play with play dough (not the one for baking), the one tool, which I can't imagine my modeling without, was definitely a knife. It is great if you can find some very sharp and thin knife, the thinner, the better.

Every time you are using dark colours, you need to make sure you clean all your tools before starting using light colours. Getting rid of the dark colours and even the light ones, can become annoying sometimes, BUT - one thing which can help is

n.2 nail polish remover

This is a real hit, if you want your crafts to be cleaned and without any dust. You can use make-up remover pads or earwax removals together with nail polish remover to get rid of the dirt. Especially when your craft is consisting of mostly white plasticine, after baking, it can become really annoying and even destroy all your precious work. Therefore don't be afraid to use this simple trick! :-)

n.3 wooden spoon

Wooden spoon is multi-functional tool if you want to roll your plasticine properly. Also, when you are making f.e. bowl or a hat, you can use the end of the wooden spoon for making a hole inside.

These were and still are my 3 favourite tools I used at the very beginning.

However, if you are using some other tools, which you would want to recommend, you are welcome to share it below this article.

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