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How to take care of your jewelry?

All silver chains with handmade charms are usually silver-plated. Therefore, it is important to know, how to treat your jewelry, so it stays fresh and like new!

Keep away from water

I was traveling to Asia, with high amount of humidity and salty air and ocean. Most of the time, I was wearing monkey earrings as they are my favorite ones. I was traveling for almost two months and what I found out was, I needed to keep them away from the salty water, otherwise, they will turn rusty. Therefore, it is important you keep your jewelry in dry places.

Take off your jewelry before performing sports

It is often a good idea to take off your jewelry before you do sports. It might sounds stupid, but first off, it can hinder you when moving and you can even hurt yourself while wearing long necklaces. It is, therefore better to enjoy your jewelry during different occasions, but while sports.

Polish with dry cloth

To make sure your handmade jewelry stays bright and shiny, use dry cloth to polish it on monthly basis. This is the best way how to avoid varnishing.

Try to avoid chemicals, perfumes and acids

These influences are often damaging the jewelry, therefore try to avoid using them in closeness with your jewelry.

I hope this article provided you some useful information how to take care of your jewelry.

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