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Most interesting trends of 2019

Each year, we can be witnesses to new and interesting trends in the world of jewelry. Although sometimes we can see weird and strange ones, everything is the result of originality and creativity. Through these trends we can look at different versions of uniqueness. This year 2019, we can see gorgeous and really beautiful options to expand our collection of accessories. Some of these jewelry trends are:

  1. Bling dripping crystal.

Some interesting pieces are the ones that follow the dripping crystal effect. This trend appeared firstly on the spring 2019 runway and became popular through Instagram thanks to Alessandra Rich. This type of jewelry can be seen worn by Ariana Grande in her music video ‘’7rings’’. With an extra look, this trend can be seen as bracelets, necklaces or earrings.

  1. Pearls in a modern way.

Pearls were always a classic element of the jewelry domain. This year pearls have returned in style with a more divers look than ever. You can see them in forms from bracelets to ear cuffs and hoops. In order to ad a trendy feel the classic pearls have been modernized, this way holding their delicate and timeless charm but still adapting to the new fashionable looks.

  1. Hearts from the 80s.

The 80’s time was for a long time now, a continues inspiration for the modern trends today. We can always see the charming elements being bought in the modern trends, and the retro look being something that brings a powerful impact in the present. Through chanciness and fun designs, this new trend is one example of the classical 80’s look. Over sized heart earring is the new fun jewelry with increasing popularity this year.

  1. Beads and shells.

Another popular jewelry trend is the combination of colored shells and beads to create an interesting piece. For an even more original look, is added multiple layers and lengths. With these element, shells, beads and fun colors create one of the trends of this year.

  1. Bold gold chains.

Again extra, bold and fun, are the desired versions of jewelry this year. And another trend of this sort is the bold gold chains. Although gold jewelry was always a staple in everyone’s collection, this year the neutral look of the gold is replaced with the bold feel by the chunky chains.

  1. Mismatched earrings.

This trend creates a funky and interesting look by mismatching the pair of earrings. Through this piece you can bring a creative touch to your outfit, and have more possibility to coordinate with it, each earring being different.

  1. Layering

From necklaces to earrings, this year it is in to layer as much as you can. The messy feel creates a fun and fresh look which can add a modern but funky touch.

  1. Color

Finally, color is an important factor this year. As colorful as possible jewelry is what we can witness and expect.

In conclusion, these latest jewelry trends reflect where has the world of jewelry arrived and what it has become. We can see that the past was a massive inspiration and that fun and bold are two important things this year.


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