How to choose the right necklace size?

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There are many different size options for your custom necklace to choose from. Selecting the right size when you're shopping online can become a bit tricky matter, but don't worry, in this article you can find some useful advice!

First of all, we need to consider which opportunity would you wear your necklace for. Christmas dinner? A night out? Or simply daily wearing to school or work? Remember, every opportunity is special!

Short size is perfect for daily wear, so it doesn't bother your when you bend yourself at work/school or doesn't interfere with your clothes. For example, if you are wearing a sweater which can easily tangle the charm, short chain option would be the right one. It also creates very decent look, so it's enough to notice but nothing very striking at the same time.

On contrary, special events like a prom are almost created for longer or medium necklace. Always choose the charm which goes well with your dress. The shape and the color match is essential. Medium or longer sized necklace is also convenient for family or friends gathering or for a date (he is definitely going to notice).

When to choose extra long size? This one is cool when you are wearing low-cut dress, simple undershirt or t-shirt. It will perfectly highlight your v-neck. Long sized necklace is, however, not very great at the party or night out, since if you are a dancing queen, it can bother you (or also people around you). A choker is made for a night out with your friends and goes very well with the lipstick in shades of red or brown color. This combination will not allow 'that' handsome man to resist you!

Now we can look at the size of the necklaces

short - 16 inches / 40.6 cm Is hanging loosely around your neck
medium - 18 inches / 45.7  cm Sits on your collarbone
long - 20 inches  / 50.8 cm Lays below the collarbone
extra long - 22 inches / 55.8 cm Hangs at or above the top of your chest

Handmade necklaces are usually made from silver-plated chains and should be kept away from the water to prevent corrosion. Check out the ElClay's handmade necklaces >>here<<

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