Organize a daily routine for successful jewelry making

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 Making jewelry is a difficult thing when it comes to constantly be creative and original. In order to be successful and accomplished, like any other industry, you need to find balance in your day and carefully organize your time. A daily routine is something that would be essential when talking about productivity and efficiency.

Of course since we all are really different from each other, individually we would have different ways of thinking, working, visualizing and so on, so the routine would differentiate from person to person.

So the question would be, how to create the perfect routine for me? Luckily we can try and experiment, by trying different methods and steps to see what is more efficient for us personally. For this lets go through some steps that could help you in creating that routine:

  1. First of all, we have to take in consideration the fact that we usually divide our day into part. For some a day can be seen as: Breakfast, lunch and dinner and for others: morning, evening and afternoon. We can look at one day in different ways, so the way we divide it is essential when organizing our time. As an example we will take the morning, evening and afternoon way of dividing.

  2. Once we divided our day, we can take  each section of it and organize the events according to the section.

  3. So firstly, as an example we take the morning as the first section. Some one could also decide on the ours, each section would start and end. The morning can be fairly similar for a lot of people, but also can be totally different depending on the person.

    For some one could be: wake up, going for a run, shower, and breakfast. Depending on how it is more comfortable for you, you can schedule it so it covers all your needs.

  1. Secondly, in the afternoon, you can select as the productive part of the day. Here you can schedule all your appointments and work hours. You can decide how many hours to dedicate to jewelry making, or just brainstorm about what types of jewelry to make next.

  2. Finally, in the evening, you can continue with the work, but also you could decide as being your inspiration time. You could select a couple hour for your free time dedicated to your hobbies that could inspire you in order for you to come with new jewelry making ideas.

This would be one way of organizing your time. However you could add or take out any details if that means to accommodation your mind and working ways. The most important thing when deciding on the schedule is to remember to be productive and accommodate so it would be easier and comfortable for your.

In conclusion, craft jewelry requires a lot of concentration and originality. In order to always keep up the creativity, you can organize each step of your process in your day, so that you can be satisfied and accomplished with your work and time. When you have a messy schedule, it can result in a lot of stress and anxiety, however a organized one can help you for the better.

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