Halloween with style? No problem!

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What would be Halloween without a proper costume and all the accessories that belongs to it? Here are few tips how to perfect your outfit to the last details - since details matter!


Eventhough you are going to dress up like a witch, you can choose this outfit to be attractive by wearing nylons with few holes in them, which will create scary look - but still hot!

Black colored nails can't be missing, since this will give your costume seriousness and scariness! For vampire costumes, red color can be flattering as well.

Don't forget to choose the appropriate hairstyle. However - what is 'appropriate' when it comes to Halloween, right? Take a styling comb which will help you tease you hair. If you have bangs - very good idea would be to tease your bangs and style it on top of your head.

And don't be afraid to make your own costume! That's something people will always appreciate, that you actually dedicated your effort and time into preparing for Halloween. You'll definitely stand out with your own costume! There's small hint if you don't have ideas - take a piece of sheet, make two holes into it and voilá - you're the ghost!

Use colors on your face, but be careful for allergic reactions. Always choose body-colors which are in harmony with your skin. Nobody wants to go trick or treating with rash all over their face.

If you want your outfit to be perfectly tuned up you can think of relevant Halloween accessories - like necklaces or earrings. Halloween earrings will give your costume the right look and you can be sure you'll be flattered many times from your friends and family because there is nothing more unique then handmade earrings to your Halloween outfit! You can check out the Halloween collection HERE.

Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes:

- witch
- vampire
- pumpkin
- ghost
- zombie
- skeleton
- Grim Repaer
- dead nymph
- mummy
- devil

Any costume you choose, it's mainly about the fun that you will have with it while spending time with your friends or family! So enjoy Halloween 2018!


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