Which crafts can you make from polymer clay?

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The spectrum of what you can create from polymer clay is indeed broad. In the beginning I was modeling little figurines, they were usually my friends or family, which was quite funny. When I started to model those figurines, I was using only play dough from the stationery, so I wasn't baking it afterwards. Even though these are one of my first figurines, I didn't throw them, but kept them so I could compare with other clay crafts I'll create in the future. This example is just to illustrate that from the beginning the crafts don't look perfect and there is always room to improve, which is very important to admit.
Polymer clay figurines
Then I discovered you can model variety of animals, basically any animal is possible to create with polymer clay. I purchased some unlabeled polymer clay on eBay by then, so I could bake it afterwards. The material wasn't high quality, so I experienced eyes and limbs falling off from the body, it was quite annoying, so I decided to go for something more professional, so I'd save some money for the super glue..
Then I kept buying more and more and I started to create jewelry as well. I used Pinterest to get some inspiration. If you plan to create polymer clay crafts, I can definitely recommend Pinterest to you! Even you can pin your own creations and inspire others in return, which is amazing. I went to the hobby shop in my city and bought some ear hooks and leather strings. so I could keep creating.
One thing which I learned while modeling is to be patient - and believe me, this I was not at all before I started. Meaning, when I was creating for instance beaded necklaces, I forgot to make a hole into some beads, and guess what - I found out after it was all baked. People learn from their mistakes, right? Next time I payed attention to it.
An amazing thing about creating crafts in general is that you can be as creative as want! So I upgraded my little animals and started to implant very strong fridge magnets into their bodies, so they could stick to any metal surface.
If you have any other ideas what you could do from polymer clay, don't hesitate to comment below! :-)

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