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The concept of DIY

   From the beginning of the human evolution, creative thinking was essential and in continuous development. Art and innovation made life in society easier and easier, from an era to another. Thus, the human mind is always developing and attracted to the idea of creation and the process in which the hard work can archive satisfying results. Different concepts and methods appeared in order to manifest different ideas.

One example is, the concept of DIY, which has the meaning of Do it Yourself, this can be defined as ‘’building, modifying or repairing an object without professional help’’. This concept includes a diverse range of practical methods that could be used in order to make the creation, according to the vision or creative thinking, happen.

So, what exactly are these methods? How can anyone make the DIY happen? Of course, individuality is the key, so for each person the creative way can be different and adapted because of the personal uniqueness. But generally, this concept is very flexible and can be associated with crafts like: crochet, knitting, sewing, ceramics, handmade jewelry and accessories. These being words that we all have heard ever since childhood, some of them being practices established in elementary schools in order to teach kids the art of crafts and help gaining the skill in this matter.

Usually, tools like polymer clay, air dry clay, thread and needle, hot glue gun, wood or metal, beads, and many more, are widely used in this domain.

This is what is known by the general public, of course it being only the tip of the iceberg, DIY possessing a way vaster concept than that.

Fashion is an industry in which, from the beginning, crafting and DIY was and is the essence of it. Of course, we already know that even the creation of the ancient wear was possible because of this concept, however, on a more modern note, it is believed that the subculture has begun in the 1970s because of the punk movement. ‘’Instead of traditional means of bands reaching their audiences through large music labels, bands began recording, manufacturing albums and merchandise, booking their own tours, and creating opportunities for smaller bands to get wider recognition and gain cult status through repetitive low-cost DIY touring. The burgeoning zine movement took up coverage of and promotion of the underground punk scenes, and significantly altered the way fans interacted with musicians. Zines quickly branched off from being hand-made music magazines to become more personal; they quickly became one of the youth culture's gateways to DIY culture. This led to tutorial zines showing others how to make their own shirts, posters, zines, books, food, etc.’’ This was what put the bases of today trends in which DIY is used amongst the fashion community and, more generally, by the youth, ‘’with ideas being shared on social media such as YouTube about clothing, jewelry, makeup and hair styles. Techniques include distressing jeans, bleaching jeans, redesigning an old shirt, and studding denim. This trend is becoming popular.’’

As a conclusion, DIY is a way of expression. We can create aesthetics and practical, unique things that can help us gain that feeling of satisfaction for our creative mind.

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