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The power of inspiration

When we think of ideas, art or invention, we know that at the beginning of its process lays firstly the inspiration. Everything we see, feel, and hear can inspire us and help us bring all the creativity we hold inside. Jewelry is one form of this. Designers use unusual jewelry pieces as a physical form of the entire process that began from the inspiration. In other words, we can say that this element of the process that inspires, is essential and very important, especially to create originality and unique things. Jewelry being a versatile universe, full of materials and patterns, can be impacted by a lot of inspirational things, from nature to inanimate objects and from people to their principals and auras. You can take a lot of things from any topic, and by starting with it you can create beautiful things with a lot of meanings.

We people are very different from one another, so what inspires someone maybe cannot inspire someone else. We possess different visions and ways to think. Also, on the opposite side, maybe they can be inspired by the same things, but come up with completely different results. This is the most fascinated thing when it come to creativity and imagination, we all have it, but we use it in completely different ways.

But even if somethings cannot inspire all of us, or can but in opposite ways, we still go through similar processes, and steps to find our muse and source of creativity. There are many steps that can help us organize and bring the most of our imagination in the most efficient way. Some of these general steps can be:

  1. Clean your working space. Starting with a clean environment, can help you clear your mind and get you in the creative atmosphere.
  2. Go out. Before starting to create, you need to find what can start your creative flow. And in order to find this inspiration, you can go to any visual places that you find either interesting or beautiful. For example, parks, museums or art galleries. Even the sky can be your source of inspiration.
  3. After you got the general idea of the direction that you want your piece to take, you can start sketching. This way you can start visualizing the design and decide the shapes, the line and colors.


  1. Prototype. After sketching and deciding on the general design, you can start working with the materials and see the flow of each element and if the sketched design can be recreated with the actual materials, or if you need to add or take some details to create a harmonized homemade jewelry.

Generally, these would be the steps, you would take when creating any art piece, cool jewelry being an example. Depending on each person, and their way of thinking and workings, these steps can be adapted and changed.

Inspiration is what makes the entire process moving. This is what creates the entire atmosphere of each piece, and attributes to every and each one of your creations different meaning.

In conclusion, creativity is something that all of us possesses, but inspiration is what brings it to the surface, and this is the power of it.

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