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The world of trends

Society is the circle that holds not only us the people, but also the mindset and its evolution as well. Each decade the way people think is more and more different than the previous ones. Fashion, technology, art, science, are just a few examples of what domains can suffer these kinds of changes. Although these can either be bad or good, they are inevitable and without them we would not be able to develop. ‘’Trends’’ is the word that shows one version of these consistent changes of our mindset. When our way of thinking is changing, we use a new trend to differentiate our way of living, and the way of seeing the world.

Jewelry is a domain in which new trends are consistently appearing and replacing the old one at a pretty fast pace, and sometimes the old trends can replace the new ones as well. Diversity is what can be the result of trends, as well as the freedom of expression, and the possibility of looking as unique as possible. In the present thanks to the latest jewelry trends, we have the liberty to walk in the store and find crazy colorful jewelry pieces, simple and neutral ones, and anything in between. This period has the biggest range of jewelry than it’s ever been, and it is continuing growing. This can be affected by various factors, a few examples are:

  • Fashion – as we all know, the most influenced domain that can be considered the result and reflection of our society’s changes, is fashion. We use clothes as a way to express what we have on our mind, how are we feeling that specific day and how we want to perceived as by other people in the society. Fashion can have a powerful meaning and impact on your day to day life. Since jewelry is a domain that is directly link to fashion, a lot of trends from fashion reflect on the jewelry as well. We use jewelry to coordinate with fashion, thus we use most of the same trends for both.

  • The perception of beauty – since the beginning of time, beauty was something that was always changing. The desired look was always something that generated the appearance of a lot of trends. Thing like jewelry helped in that sense in order to embellish our bodies so that we could be as close to the ideal beauty as possible. Although the idealistic look accepted by the society was consistently been replaced through the decades, today each person can have her own image of beauty, this is due to the changes in our mindset. The trends helped us to be more and more accepted of the beauty we each hold as individuals, and jewelry is one element that can help us in that way.

These are just 2 factors that can impact the appearance of new trends.

In conclusion, the society will continue to appear and prove the continues evolution of not only jewelry but the different ways of looking at our life and world. Trends is the powerful tool that gives us the development that the society needs, current jewelry trends being just a small part of it.

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