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Types of earrings

  Since the older times, piercing was a form of body modification used to express various meanings, regarding the culture, the decade and the individual thoughts. Because of this being such a common practice throughout the ages, it has become a flexible method to embellish the body. Thus, different types of earrings appeared, and different types of jewelry was created. Ear piercing is a part of this vast range, and yet, the most common method of piercing nowadays. Earrings have become a must for all the jewelry and accessory collection. Most females and a big part of males have pierced their ear at least ones in their life, so earrings for girls are not the only type. This jewelry is a statement piece, especially in this modern age. So, because it is such an important accessory, what variations does it have and what is the difference between all of them, to find out, we will analyze some of them:

  1. Earring Studs

Studs are a common ear piece that is usually worn for a more sophisticated, elegant or simple look. What differentiate the studs from the other types of earrings, is that they do not dangle down like most of them. The studs stay fixed on the part of the ear, the most used placed being the ear lobe. It hugs the part of the ear, being fixed at the back, this way creating a floating look, because the closing is not visible, since the pin that goes through the ear is hidden by the design of the small piece of the stud earring.

  1. Hoops

Being a very popular and trendy ear piece. Typically, it is circular, but more and more shapes like squares and triangles were designed once their popularity started to raise. It is an easily recognizable jewelry and can be described as a circle that loops down and around, connecting through the ear.

  1. Drops

Drop earrings can be seen as an extension of the stud earrings, however it is bigger and has a more flexible opportunity of the design. Like the studs, the drop earrings will be fixated on the ear at the earlobe, however from there it drops and hangs down below the ear lobe.

  1. Dangles

Dangle earrings again are similar to the previews type. Like the drop earrings, dangles drop down, bellow the ear. However, the difference is that drop earrings are stationary, but dangle earrings can swing back and forth. It offers even more possibility in creation and design for the artist.

  1. Huggies

These earrings are similar to the hoops. Huggies, like the hoops they have a circular shape, however they are thinker and smaller. They can also look similar to a ring, but it has a small wire that is connected through the ear.

These are just a small part of all the different types of earrings. We can slowly see that the evolution of this jewelry piece is continuously moving, though its diversity and wide range. In conclusion, more and more types will be created. Thus, though these types new designs and new trends can be expected.


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