Wearing jewelry - how does that make you feel?

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Many women (and even men) all around the world have the jewelry as part of their daily life. It belongs to their morning rituals - coffee, breakfast, dress up, put the perfume on and put the jewelry on.

Usually we decide which jewelry to wear according to our outfit, but sometimes it can also be how are we feeling at the moment. Wearing jewelry we like is like expressing ourselves -  who we are, what is our passion, etc..

How about handmade jewelry? It's so different from the one from retail stores - mainly because of its uniqueness. Imagine how many pieces of the same earrings and necklaces are made every day in the factories and then sold in the stores.

Handmade jewelry is a completely different story. Every single piece is different - event though they look similar, they will never be the exact same. That's the beauty of it. Also, when you want something very specific to be made - just for you - there are no limits!

Sometimes original piece of jewelry can be a good reason for a handsome man to start a conversation with you. Sometimes it can be your friends noticing you're wearing something atypical and unusual.

For example, if you're wearing customized necklace which anyone else have, you're the only person wearing it and that's something you can be proud of.

One way or the other, handmade jewelry is very customized. And it gives you absolute freedom in decisions what would you like to have - it's not like a machine has to be changed in order to make it. Machines will never be equal to the magic of pure handmade work. That's why it's so precious and so unique.

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