What can the jewelry meaning say about you?

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We all know that jewelry can add a big impact to our appearance. Depending on what type of piece you are wearing you can create different looks and embellish ether your neck, wrist, ears and many more. Because the impact on our looks is so distinctive you can portray various meaning and express yourself in many ways.

But the question is, can jewelry describe you and say what kind of person you are? Can someone just look at what jewelry pieces you are wearing and understand who are you and what is your personality?

In order to answer this, we need to look at what types of meaning hide behind this visual element. Because jewelry holds a big number of symbols and culture all around the world. Some of these jewelry types are:

  1. Heart embellishment

One of the most obvious and known types of jewelry is the heart embellished jewelry. Since hearts hold the symbol of love, it can also be considered a representation of spirit, soul and emotions. Thus, this type of creation can suggest relationship, sensitivity, kindness and purity.

  1. Journey jewelry

This type of jewelry can be ether a bracelet, rings or pendant, that consist of series of gemstones aligned from small and get progressively bigger. This piece can imply evolution and development and is usually given as a wedding gift to symbolize the evolution of love in a couple. It can also be gifted for any event in someone’s life to suggest the evolution of their life path.


  1. Tree stone ring

This jewelry piece symbolizes the past, present and future. Also, according to recent trends, most people wear the ring with a big stone in middle and 2 stone on the side, to suggest that past and future are important, but the present is even more important. This jewelry can imply that the person wearing it lives in the moment and knows how to treasure the present.


  1. Religion

Jewelry can have different meanings across the world depending on the culture and country. Because of this some jewelry can also say if you are a religious person or not, and even show what religion specifically. One common example are rosaries or cross necklaces, this usually can imply that the person wearing it is most likely Christian.


  1. Colors

Many elements of the jewelry can bring various meanings to your appearance. Colors are one type of these element. The color of the jewelry can change the entire meaning of the piece. For example gemstone's meaning: pink or red gemstones can symbolize passion and love, and green gemstones, can symbolize life and growth.


These are just a small part of what types of meanings can your jewelry have and depending on the country and culture it might change. Because of this we can certainly say that jewelry is a very powerful element and depending on how you wear it, it can help you express not only your unique style and creative thinking, but also your personality and character.

In conclusion, jewelry can be beautiful element that not only make us look good, but also give as the opportunity to say meaningful things through our appearance.

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