A little bit about polymer clay

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Since all of my products are made from polymer clay, I decided to sum up the most important information about this amazing, flexible and creative material! 

Polymer clay is made from polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. Even though after baking the clay hardens, when you work with it, it is very malleable.

There is no special oven needed while baking polymer clay. Usually it takes 30 minutes on 110°C/230°F, depends on the brand of clay you're using. To support the hardness of the clay after baking, you can sink your crafts into water with ice for two minutes.Polymer clay blog

What is the difference between modeling clay and polymer clay?

Modeling clay is a group of variety of clays which is used for sculpting and building. Polymer clay is particular type of clay.

When you are not working with your polymer clay, you should store it at room temperature and cover it against the dust and hardening (getting crumbly). 

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