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What materials to use for eco friendly jewelry?

As we all know jewelry is an element that is specifically based on its appearance and aesthetic. We choose jewelry pieces because of their unique and \ or attractive design. But in order to recreate this specific design, the materials have a big and important role.


We can all say that making jewelry is not easy at all. It requires a lot of energy, time, and hard work. These are things that people need to put into their creation, but there are more things that make the process of this more difficult, things like resources, environmental damage, and harsh working conditions. In other words, this industry is not the most ethical and sustainable one.

This problem becomes more and more present, and luckily the awareness of the population is also increasing. So, what can we do to change this situation to a better and more ethical one?

One thing that could change massively the industry is the use of materials. This has a huge impact on the environment, ether using materials like plastic, or just natural ones like gemstones or gold that requires a lot of energy to extract and mix with other metals. This spends a lot of resources and creates damage to our planet.


But what can we do?

And one simple answer would be to just recycle or use ethical materials for ethical jewelry.

We don’t need to make new product every time. Because the industry is so concentrated on money and consumption, we don’t look at the fact that we should actually buy less and focus on more durable things. So, recycling would help us in this matter.

Materials like plastic and others that do not biodegrade should be completely discarded, and we should focus on things that do not need a lot of energy to use.

Some examples would be wood, glass, clay, metal, these are things that can ether be cut to the desired shape or molded to it. Also, these materials, not only do not require a lot of resources or energy, they also can be repurchased from older things we do not use anymore.


The same goes for older jewelry, why should you by a new one, when you can simply use the older one to create something new and unique. One idea would be for the brands to collect jewelry that is not wearable anymore, because they are ether old fashion or defected. They could use them to create new products instead of extracting new materials.

Appearance is important in the world of jewelry, but morality and sustainability are even more important. Also, you can create the desired effect through different ways, so recycling and sustainable jewelry could easily be considered.

In conclusion, we should not forget what our action can do. Our choices are something that only we have the most impact, so the solution begins firstly from us. If we as customers demand sustainability and ecological options, the market will change and make jewelry more ethically oriented. So, we need to be aware of our power and use it more consciously.

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