What was the fashion of 1918 in Czechoslovakia?

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28.11.2018 it was exactly 100 years of Czechoslovakia formation. Since I am from Czech Republic (and now Slovakia and Czech Republic are two autonomous countries), I'd like to share some interesting facts about the fashion in 1918 with you!

It is very similar to today's "retro" or "vintage" styles. The major difference between the women's fashion now and then is dresses. In 20th century women have worn dresses way more then today. It is also because of nowadays equality of rights. Some women can also say that it's just because pants are more comfortable. (I'd agree with them).

SO... What was the peak of "First Republic fashion"?

Retro style could be described as long shirts above the waist, women's hats, dresses under the level of knees, one-piece swimming suits, headdress, sharp corners of the clothes, big bows, belts situated above the waist level, stockings and so on.

As a patterns were very popular dots, stripes and flowers, but also no patterns so many women wore something single-colored.

Jewelry speaking, big beaded earrings, breast pins but also striking pearls and striking beads in general were trendy.

In general. we can conclude that the fashion was different than these days, but on the other hand it is coming back slowly, just in a bit refreshed tones. Women were more covered then these days, so men felt more tempted, since they didn't know what was hidden under their clothes. Nowadays, the fashion is open-minded and everyone's style is more respected.

This article was written to honor 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia's formation. Since I come from Czech Republic (Czech Rep. and Slovakia are now autonomous for more then 20 years) it was my pleasure to share a little piece of the culture we're based on now.

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