About us

When you came to visit this page you probably wonder who we are and what is ElClay.

The Story...

It all started when I was playing with modeling clay with my 8 year old sister. We were only creating random things, such as lake and duck, bench and people sitting on it. The clay was bending easily, so people didn't last on our bench for long. Then we brought our creations to our parents. My step-dad told me that it looks really good and that I might have talent for something after all (he usually criticize everything, therefore I was surprised...).

The day after, I went to buy a lot of plasticine, like 8 packs or maybe even more. Then I brought it with me to Denmark, where I study. It started. I couldn't stop myself creating other and other people, other and other animals.

I thought that I can basically model anything I only think of.. This made me create my own shop with creations I make.

The beauty of handmade products is that every single one of them, are original and unique. So you can be sure than one will never get the same exact creation as the other. That is what brings the unique value to ELCLAY.

We make sure that our products are good quality and that you will be satisfied whether you order one or you decide collect more.